All contributors to The Tripos Guide have gained First Class BA(Hons) degrees from the University of Cambridge, and many were top/amongst the top of their year in terms of ranking. Without their input, The Tripos Guide would not be possible, and we are extremely grateful for their contributions.

A list of contributors is shown below:

  • Jonathan Bassett
  • Charlie Bridge
  • Prashant Chand-Bajpai
  • Luke Fernandes
  • Mia Herzog
  • Martin Iacoponi
  • Shivun Khosla
  • Suzie Langdon-Shreeve
  • Hannah Marshall
  • Henry Marshall
  • Simon Morris
  • Abarna Ramanathan
  • Isabelle Rieder
  • Victor Siek
  • Matthew Tsim
  • Ashwin Venkatesh
  • Vinayak Vin Rajendran
  • Thomas Yip

If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute to The Tripos Guide, please email As you can see, we currently do not have guides for all Triposes, and so if you have attained a First Class for your particular subject and would like to contribute, please do contact us and we will be happy to publish your guide. Even if your subject already has a guide published on the site, we will be happy to publish multiple guides per subject.